Help & Support

At Blazes Renewables we are well experienced in franchising. There is no doubt that the success of our franchisees is critically dependant on the quality of our support services. We recognise that support is required in a number of areas; for example some franchisees will require support and assistance in general matters of business such as VAT and insurance whilst other franchisees will require support and guidance on issues specific to our particular business. Franchisees can rest assured that we have the facilities and infrastructure to be able to provide those services.

In addition to our initial 5 day training course, we hold regular meetings with our franchisees on an ongoing basis. In the early days this can be as frequent as weekly to accompany franchisees on technical survey visits. Longer term we hold quarterly meetings with our franchisees and each year we host our annual conference where all franchisees are invited to share best practice and learn from others’ experiences.


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