The Blazes Concept

With a Blazes Renewables franchise, your work is not only helping your customers to reduce their fuel bills and carbon emissions, it is also helping to combat climate change.

Franchisees will identify and visit businesses which can benefit from reduced energy costs to conduct a free energy audit. The information from the survey is inputted into the bespoke Blazes Quote and Management Software which together with the input from the Head Office team provides a valuable detailed report for the client.

This will identify where, and to what extent savings can be made by installing Solar PV or converting their traditional lighting to LED. Franchisees then work with the client through the sales and installation process, and Project Manage qualified electricians and engineers to carry out the installations.

Create a sustainable future for you, your customers, and for the planet

Blazes Renewables is competent in many energy saving and renewable technologies. Our emphasis currently is on LED lighting and Solar PV to the business sectors.

The reasons why we focus our attention on these two products is because they complement each other with an obvious synergy. Solar PV generates electricity and LED lighting saves electricity. In the last 5 years the cost of electricity has risen by more than 50% and is forecast to do at least the same in the next 5 years. (Source: Office of National Statistics)

Investment into either of these technologies allows businesses to make great savings in their energy costs and carbon reduction programmes.

Commensurate with savings in energy consumption is a reduction in the production of Carbon. All businesses have a vested interest in Carbon reduction and businesses falling under the remit of the Department of Energy and Climate Change ESOS programme are legally obliged to do so.

In matters concerning the reduction of Carbon production, converting traditional lighting to LED is considered to be the “low hanging fruit”. In consequence, the propositions from Blazes Renewables are given serious consideration by responsible business owners.

The Blazes Renewables business model is mature and well established in this market and our franchisees are well placed to capitalise on the opportunities it presents.


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