Yes, we are full members of the BFA. For people wishing to start their own business is it is widely accepted that there is no safer way to success than by investing in a proven franchise concept.

However, not all franchises are equal. Of the 900+ franchise concepts operating in the UK only 30% of these meet the strict accreditation process of attaining membership of the British Franchise Association, the custodians of the franchising Code of Ethics in the UK.

The BFA is a standards based Association whose members agree to the Code of Ethics and lay themselves open to initial accreditation scrutiny and periodic re-accreditation.

Potential investors into a BFA franchisor member can be assured that the business has at least these standards:-

  • The business will have a proven track record.
  • The network is self-sufficient, not relying upon on-going recruitment for its income.
  • The business will have evidence of its adherence to the BFA’s Code of Ethics.
  • The Franchise Contract reflects a true Business Format Franchise giving the franchisee assured on-going support and the right to sell when the time to capitalize on his investment arrives.

In short, investing in a BFA member has a degree of assurance not available from non BFA members.

No, there is no guarantee. It is widely accepted that a new start franchised business will have a much greater chance of success than a non franchised business. This doesn’t mean that there is any guarantee of success; it still takes hard work and an ability to adhere to our systems and disciplines.

No, the initial training course will cover this. You will be provided all that is required to be able to speak competently about the benefits of Solar PV and LED lighting products. Our products are sold on their ability to reduce the client’s energy costs and improve working conditions.

One of the key benefits derived from investing in a franchise business is that whilst developing a successful and profitable business a franchisee has every opportunity to earn a good living and at the same time is building a valuable asset which the franchisee can sell when the time is right.

There are no circumstances where LED lighting is not superior to traditional lighting. LED provides a purer light with a higher Colour Render Index. LED lamps will last up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting and represent a saving of around 70% on electricity consumption. Led lamps contain no mercury and they do not emit Infra Red or UV light which in some circumstances is a hazard to health.

The same principal applies to the installation of Solar PV. Where the client’s buildings are suitable, a well designed and installed Solar PV system will convert free energy from the sun into usable electricity for the client.

Our customers can be broken down into 5 sectors:


Typically this market opportunity is in office accommodation where traditional lighting is usually made up of four two foot fluorescent tubes in a light box within a suspended ceiling. The LED option is a simple replacement with a slim side emitting panel which fits in the same size grid.

The traditional light fitting will typically consume around 100 Watts whilst the LED panel will consume less than 40 Watts. The LED panel represents a saving in energy costs of 60% and with a lifetime of around 5 times longer than fluorescent tubes the argument in favour of LED is very powerful.

Many office workers complain of flickering from fluorescent tubes and complaints of headaches from those working directly under them are not uncommon. LED lights have no flickering, no UV or Infra Red light and in consequence are an ideal office fitment. Once offices are converted to LED staff are always complimentary about the changes.


This is perhaps our most important market. Manufacturing and distribution centres often work 24 hours each day and often 7 days per week. The most common type of lighting in these businesses are High Bay lamps. The traditional High Bay lamps are usually either SON or Metal Halide bulbs. With ballast these lamps will consume upwards of 470 Watts. The LED replacement will typically consume just 120 Watts. Under these circumstances payback from investment into LED is usually around a year and once the significant savings in maintenance costs are factored in payback time reduces even further.

Public Sector

Typically this is made up of local councils and the opportunities here range from offices to leisure centres to art galleries to theatres to street lighting. All of these areas benefit from LED and councils often have a carbon reduction policy to which lighting conversion to LED is a great contributor.


The retail industry relies heavily upon lighting to show off its goods to best effect. This can be of equal importance than simply the savings provided by LED lights which are taken for granted. LED lighting has a much higher Colour Render Index than traditional lighting. This means that the colour of the goods you see inside the store will be the same colour seen in daylight. Customers no longer have to take goods to the store window to check the colour. Unlike traditional lighting LED lamps generate very little heat and within a retail environment significant further savings can be made from reduced air conditioning costs.


The sale value of domestic LED lamps is relatively low. Therefore the domestic market is not high on our target list. We do however maintain a comprehensive range to demonstrate that we truly are LED specialists and to be able to satisfy the needs of our non domestic clients who might wish to convert their home lighting to LED.


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