As a 25-year-old with little experience, I was initially anxious as to how complex and confusing the initial training would be. On the first day, my worries disappeared after being immersed into a relaxed environment with the training being undertaken by professional yet very friendly and helpful people in Michael, Alan and Julie. The in-depth weeks long training which covered terminology and how to undertake surveys which included site visits to completed and ongoing jobs, was designed in such a way that after just one week I felt confident in my knowledge of LED lighting and importantly, knowing that help and assistance would be just a phone call away.

I would definitely recommend talking to Blazes Renewables if you are looking for a franchise.

Tom Wilkinson - Wigan and Merseyside

With over 35 years of previous working roles and experiences behind me as an employee of various companies, I was somewhat apprehensive of and also excited about my 5 day training week with Blazes LED as a brand new franchisee. However, within the first few hours of the first day it became apparent there was a relaxed atmosphere about how the business was being run by the key people of the organisation.

Both Michael Eyre and Alan Wilkinson went through each training day in sufficient detail with excellent visual aids and presentations. I certainly did not feel overburdened with technical data/specifications or rules and targets. Each franchisee present understood what was being explained and we were all encouraged to ask questions of whatever significance about the training, the services provided and how the company operated in order to secure the necessary business. Some days were spent with site visits to see completed projects and this enabled all new franchisees to see the benefits of the services provided as real working examples with happy clients. In addition, we were given a number of practical sessions on the lamp range, nature of survey data input and how to build the relevant quotations.

Overall, the week was far more relaxed than I originally feared and I came away with a much better understanding of my role as a new franchisee. I am now even more excited about starting as soon as possible.

Robin Lane - Kent

Having worked in corporate roles for more than 25 years mid-2016 found me at a crossroads in my career. Having completed a 5-year stint in the UK Home-Care sector I found myself with the time and resources to start to really think about what’s next rather than just jump into another management or operational role where all my efforts would, once again, ultimately benefit others and shareholders more than me.

I initially looked at Franchising a few years earlier having always been attracted by the thought of running my own business and being my own boss. The day to day “rut” of corporate life soon clouded the idea though and it was only with the time and motivation afforded by leaving the care industry that I seriously considered either setting up a business from scratch or investing in a Franchise.

The more I considered the Franchising opportunities in the UK the more convinced I became that it was the route for me. A proven and tested business model, much lower failure rates than sole start-ups and the support of a Franchisor and Franchisee network being key determining factors for me. As Michael from Blazes so rightly says “you are in business for yourself but not by yourself”

  • Step 1 – I attended the BFA one day seminar for prospective Franchisees, best £50 I’ve ever spent and can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • Step 2 – I evaluated what types of Franchise, products and services appealed to me and played to my strengths.
  • Step 3 – Registered on the BFA website for the Prospect Franchisee Certificate and completed the course successfully. I have to say it was really informative.
  • Step 4 – Reviewed the brochures and websites, start talking to my list of Franchisors that looked a good match for me.
  • Step 5 – Enter Michael and Alan from Blazes Renewables!

My experience throughout the “onboarding” with Blazes has exceeded even my high expectations. Having talked with both Michael and Alan on the phone it was important to meet them both which happened quickly and after a day with Michael in and around his Burnley office meeting suppliers and reviewing his work at satisfied clients I was in!

The support from Alan and Michael as I worked up my Financial Projections and put together my Business Plan was exceptional Their combined experience as Franchisees themselves before becoming Franchisors alongside their qualifications and credentials with the BFA and others puts them in a unique position of strength to support first time Franchisees. And they are both exceptionally nice guys as well! And that’s very important if you are signing up to work with someone for 5 years.

The initial training week alongside my two new Franchisee colleagues was informative, motivational and fun. We were all immediately made to feel at ease in this new world we were entering. Alongside Michael and Alan, the organisation, support and experience that Julie in the Head Office brings to the business is clearly invaluable.

If you are considering investing in a Franchise I would strongly recommend talking to Blazes Renewables and I would be more than happy to spend time with anyone looking to find out more about the first steps into Franchising that I’ve experienced in recent months.

Kevin Reilly - Windsor, Slough & Guildford

I have a background in the commercial property market and the Blazes Renewables franchise really ticks all my boxes. There are so many opportunities with commercial clients desperate to reduce energy and maintenance costs. LED lighting and Solar PV are such an obvious choice with payback on investment often in less than 2 years.

Keith - Lancashire

As well as being attracted by the business offering from a Blazes Renewables franchise I was equally attracted to how well it suits my lifestyle. Working from home means real flexibility and no office rent to pay. Blazes Renewables provides the credit facility for supplies to my clients so I don’t have to worry about cash flow and overdraft issues leaving me to concentrate on servicing my clients.

Graeme – Edinburgh


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